When I first stepped into my cousin’s house for the summer break, I was excited with the way she had decorated the interior of her house. But something was not right when it came to her floor. A nice hard wood floor seemed neglected and the shine I always admired in such floors was lacking.

I instantly developed an interest on how I could remedy the situation. I did a lot of research on the internet and tried various recommendations on how I could keep the floor shiny. However, these four steps stood out and to date my cousin calls me the ‘floor doctor’.

Don’t Entertain Dirt!

Vacuum your floor daily and durst mop as frequent as possible. If you are a family person and have kids then the frequency of cleaning goes up. You should always develop a culture of removing your shoes at the door. This culture should be embraced happily by your family, friends and visitors. This helps to avoid sand from getting to the house. Another way of keeping dirt at bay is investing in good mats for your doors that can hold tiny particles. Every time you step in, ensure all the dirt is left at the door.

Get Rid of The Wet Spots With a Towel

This step follows immediately after cleaning. Don’t wait for your floor to dry up on its own after cleaning. Use a towel to wipe out the water spots for a resultant shinny look. Also it helps remove the dirt that the mop might have missed.

Let’s go The Magic Way – Vinegar and Tea

These two products are not only very useful in our kitchens but also when it comes to hardwood floor cleaning. Since I started using them, they have never lacked in my shopping list.

Your vinegar will come in handy to ensure the shiny floor. So next time you clean make sure to add a half a cup of vinegar in the bucket of water you intent to mop the floor with. After the cleanup, I assure you the resultant product will make you happy.

When it comes to tea, you only need to throw a few tea bags in warm water and use it to wipe the floor. It is the best surprise for you.

Shun The Scratch

After your floor is clean and shiny keep the scratch away. If you have a cat whose long paws bounces on the floor at each chance then it is time to reconsider your friendship. Keep the high heels and the cat paws off your floor and all will be well. You can also get rid of old scratches by the use of colored crayons that suit your floor. Rub the crayons in the cracks and use a blow-dryer to stick them in.

You will notice a whole lot of difference after you put these few tips into practice. You hard wood floor will have a shiny outlook in no time. These are the most basic tips for hard wood floor cleaning which do not require extra effort. Most of the requirements are readily available in your house. You only need to maintain the good practices and train your family to care for the floor too. Enjoy the experience and don’t forget to stay up to date on hardwood floor care! You can also find more tips from the Floor Executives here.