Handheld vacuum cleaners are itinerary devices that use a makeshift air-pump to suck up dust and dirt particles from the floor. These residues are later on collected by a cyclone or dustbag for disposal.

It’s generally not practical to use a full-sized vacuum for small cleaning tasks, in such cases the handheld models are more appropriate. Below are two of the best machines under this category, I have used them before and can personally attest that they are worth the hype.

Eureka Easy-Clean Hand Vac 71B

If you’re looking for a handheld vacuum that can run for more than 20 min without developing technical hitches then this is the one. With a powerful 20 ft cord, it can clean large swathes of space without the user having to change its power cord. The machine is perfect for edge and pet hair cleaning, it works well with upholstery as well as bare floors.

Eureka also gets perfect scores for its ability to pick-up the most hidden hair remains, of course owing to the incredible suction power. I also like the fact that it’s lightweight and can be used for several hours without the operator getting tired.


  • Long power-cord for easy reach.
  • Great for working on the stairs.
  • It’s noiseless, fast and efficient.

Shark Cordless Pet Perfect Dual Hand Vac SV780

It’s a bagless and cordless hand vacuum that packs 18v of power, this machine can handle the toughest cleaning tasks with ease. You will be amazed by the way it will leave your house spotlessly clean.

Expert tests got an average of 18.5min run-time for this device, plus most owners also say that it has an excellent battery life. The trick is for you not to overcharge your Ni-Cd battery so that it doesn’t wear out prematurely.

The Shark Cordless Vac SV780 is viable for performing all types of short cleaning tasks, owners say that it claims between 30 min to 1 hr of run-time per charge. This machine requires at least 16 hrs of charge to reach full status, but once it’s been powered it can last for several days without having to be charged again.


I personally like the fact that it’s very versatile compared to other apparatus that are in the same category. Noting its crevice tool, dusting brush and motorized pet hair remover which are perfect for reaching crannies and tight nooks. Owners also say that it’s easy to store after use, it has a charging station which further doubles up as a storage chamber for cables and attachments.

On top of that, some users claim that the Eureka Easy-Clean Hand Vac 71B is straightforward to empty once full, it cannot be clogged with hair debris which are picked up during suction. Weighing a paltry 5 lbs, this device is conveniently lightweight and also ergonomically shaped for easy handling.


When picking a handheld vacuum that’s best suited for first time buyers, make sure to check out reviews from Home Floor Experts (Click here to visit main site) and posts by different users in order to get a better understanding of how these portable cleaning devices really work. This will give you a better understanding of the brand that will best serve your cleaning needs.