With the lovely designs unfolding in the real estate industry, cleaning measures need an upping too. Hardwood floors for example are an admirable piece especially if given the good touch. Did I say good touch? Yes I bet I did; cleaning may not be a walk in the park like it may seem. The pet hair, grains, dust bunnies and other objects need as much attention as the flashy car you drive.

The first step towards giving your home that great makeover would be to identify what works best for you.

A successful journey towards a clean and beautiful hardwood floor begins by obtaining the right tools for the task. What are your tools and how efficient are they? This is what counts towards creating that identifiable sparkle. What then should you look for?

  • Portability. This may not look key but I’m sure you don’t want to spend the better part of your energy directing the vacuum. For vacuums, portability would range from handheld sizes that are corded, to those that are cordless. Cordless vacuums are more manageable compared to the corded ones and are even more flexible to work with.
  • Accessories and attachments are another thing you need to pay close attention to. Some portable vacuums have better accessories than others depending on what serves your interests. Depending on whether it is cleaning those mischievous crevices or just the crumbs on your hardwood floor, the right accessories will go a long way in easing your task.
  • For portability sake, you might want to consider the weight of the vacuum. Lightweight vacuum cleaners would be ideal for your case. You can always check out this guide is you are unsure on what handheld vacuum features you need.
  • While seeking to achieve portability, you should not forget to consider versatility and suction power. The power will dictate how clean your hardwood will be in the long run.

Options in The Market

Choosing a portable hardwood vacuum may not be easy; you can however make it simpler though by using pricing, company, and features as a guide. Canister style vacuums for example would be ideal considering most of them come with rubber stamps. These are particularly important in maintaining the texture or avoid scratching.

  • Metro – Data Pro Portable is considered to be of a high ranking.
  • Electrolux – ultra Power is a lightweight cordless designed to leave the sparkle.
  • Eureka – rapid clean bag-less & cordless is a great option for portability and good results on hardwood floors. (Also offers a great canister vacuum at a reasonable price)
  • Dyson – DC59 is cordless, offering portability and optimum results.
  • The shark series has a variety like the bag-less cordless hand vac and the rocket self-propelled.
  • The dirt devil is a cordless hand vac too with promising results.

Available Stores

Majority of the products you might be interested in are available at online stores like Amazon, Wal-Mart and eBay. Free delivery is also available for customers who are purchasing from those sites.

Generally, obtaining the proper tools for your cleaning is just the first step towards a clean and well-maintained hardwood floor. Keep your purchases right and you will be smiling all the way to ecstasy.