About a month ago I went to the city pound and adopted a 9 month old black lab puppy, named Lily. They told me Lily was a well behaved, house-trained, calm dog. For the first week or so she was. However, as soon as we began to get used to each other and she knew she was in her new home, her true colors began to shine.

When I would leave Lily alone for any amount of time, she would destroy things. She ate a remote while I was in the shower, demolished a tennis ball while I napped, and went to the bathroom and brought out a roll of toilet paper to shred all over my living room while I was distracted on the phone. Even when I learned to put her in a crate, she destroyed everything inside her crate in just a matter of minutes. Chew toys are like snacks to her, her water bowl is like floss, and in one day she turned a $30 crate matress into pieces of fluff smaller than cotton swabs.

While things are greatly improving as I am learning how to train her, there is one important discovery I have made out of it; a destructive dog requires the best vacuum for dog hair that you can comfortably buy. For just that, I have found the perfect vacuum. The Total Pet model by Dirt Devil has never failed to clean up all my dog’s messes, no matter how big or bad.

When she shredded up her crate mattress, I thought I was going to have to spend half my day on the floor picking up small bits of foam. Instead I had the floor spotless in 10 minutes, and all while able to stay standing up, using the Total Pet’s stretch hose & extension wand.

Here are 7 good qualities I have found for it:

  1. The Dirt Devil Total Pet has a removable nozzle to reach corners and up high, and has great suction power to pick of large pieces of debris left by a destructive pet.
  2. It is great for pet hair, with special brushes just for picking up hair and dander that normal vacuums would miss.
  3. It is also good for potty accidents. It comes with a HEPA Filter and a Carbon Filter to absorb unwelcome pet odors. The two times Lily has had an accident in the house, I simply put some water and laundry detergent on the spot, then went over it with the vacuum. The spot was left nearly dry and odorless.
  4. It does not require a vacuum bag. Instead you simply dump the contents in the trash.
  5. It’s washable! Every part of it can be washed out to be shiny and clean for the next mess your pet may make.
  6. It’s cheap. I got mine for $99 but there are places online, such as amazon.com, that it is selling for even less.
  7. It has great user ratings. On Walmart.com 75% of 80 reviewers say they love their Total Pet.

To see all the helpful attachments that come with it, check it out on their website: http://dirtdevil.com/products/details/ud40350/total-pet-compact-upright/

Having a destructive dog is stressful enough on it’s own. Having a bad vacuum is even more troublesome. So if you are singing the same naughty dog blues as I am, hold on, fight the good fight, and give the Total Pet a try to lessen your worries.