Are you looking forward to your first canister vacuum? Can’t seem to decide among so many brands and models? Eureka Might Mite 3670G is the best vacuum cleaner you could ask for. It’s a solid contender amongst affordable canister models. The device works flawlessly on hard surfaces. It’s a wonderful machine for folks who don’t find time to vacuum their homes on a regular basis.


Does that spark an idea? Read on to know more about Eureka Mighty Mite.

What Makes It Popular?

  1. The machine is extremely lightweight and moves flawlessly across the floor.
  2. It is furnished with a power-touch handle, with easy-to-use accessories like deluxe bare-floor nozzle and floor brush that offer a painless cleaning experience.
  3. Its blower port is an extremely useful part. It effectively eliminates any debris trapped within fabrics, machine parts and furniture.
  4. Availability of auto shut-off feature and a 20-feet long cord makes it extremely functional.
  5. The device includes a range of useful on-board tools like upholstery nozzle, combination dusting tool, dusting brush and crevice tool that clean multiple surfaces.
  6. It consists of an integrated extension wand that helps you reach every nook and corner.
  7. The machine lets you make adjustments to its height and cleaning procedure. You can easily switch from bare floors to area rugs and vice versa, with a single flick of switch.
  8. Eureka 3670G is built to North American Electrical Standards and the makers use use top-quality spare parts for manufacturing.
  9. Manufacturers offer 1-year warranty on all machine parts.


Being compact and lightweight in nature, Eureka Might Mite 3670G is easily maneuverable and allows multi-surface cleaning. You can use a combination of different on-board tools to clean area rugs, bare floors, staircase, drapes, upholstery, car interiors, garage and domestic gadgets. Overall, it’s a perfect tool for dusting. It may not be the best choice for carpet cleaning (since it lacks powerful brush-roll) but it delivers excellent performance in terms of removing fine pet hair, cat litter, pet poop and minute food crumbs. If used properly, the machine lasts for several years to come.

How To Achieve Maximum Efficiency When Cleaning

  • You have to empty the dust bags quite frequently because motor filter tends to get clogged with frequent cleaning. If you’re planning to use this gadget on carpets, you must clean the filters more frequently otherwise plaster dust, powder, dust particles, carpet fabric or other fine objects can damage its filter.
  • You can enhance its suction power by closing the slip ring present on hose handle. Attach the extension wand with hose handle and use crevice tool or turbo nozzle to extend your reach.
  • Before using the blower port, make sure that you detach hose from the front side of the canister. Attach the blower port on the backside to maximize your vacuum’s efficiency.


Eureka 3670G is easily maneuverable and equally easy to store. With a lengthy power cord, it provides you bigger area for cleaning. Since the device has a low profile, it can easily swivel around furniture. In short, it’s an efficient, durable and affordable machine, backed by one-year warranty.


Some customers have reported excessive noise production and lack of HEPA filters as the prime downsides of using this machine. Moreover, the dust bags are too small to hold lots of dust and debris.

Other than these minor shortcomings, the device is fit for domestic purposes and we at Yellow Stone Cycle Fest personally recommend you give it a try. Shoppers give it 4.1 stars out of 5. You must go for it!